Advancing Your Host Cell Line Engineering & Process Development Capabilities for a Robust, Reproducible Expression System & Compliant
Scale-Up Platform to Reduce COGs

May 9-11, 2023|Boston, MA

Welcome to the Novel Cell Line Engineering & Development Summit

Engineer & Develop a Stable, Scalable Host Cell Line for ATMPs to Accelerate Speed-to-Clinic

The inaugural Novel Cell Line Engineering & Development Summit is the only ATMP-focused, forward-facing meeting dedicated to overcoming the current challenges in cell line development and engineering. Optimizing pioneering cell lines to increase stability, scalability, and productivity will enable you and your organization to increase efficiency, reduce the cost of goods, and most importantly, accelerate patient access!

With the rise and maturity of bioinformatics, CRISPR, transposases, and omics, cell line engineering and development is becoming a priority amongst cell and gene therapy drug developers. Innovative discoveries and new technology in this growing field all at one event will decrease the timescale and manual input whilst facilitating the commercialization of cutting-edge advanced therapies.

Join Sanofi, AstraZeneca, Vedere Bio II, Versatope Therapeutics, Takeda, and many more cell line engineering and development industry leaders as they navigate their strategies in 2023 to enhance cell line engineering and development approaches for advanced therapy medicinal products, bringing them to clinic faster.

Over 3 days, learn to:

  • Harness the potential of innovative technologies and approaches to enhancing cell line engineering and development for ATMPs.
  • Increase the scalability and reduce the timeline and cost of goods of advanced therapies produced using cell lines.
  • Confidently navigate the path to achieving regulatory approval and speed to clinic, even for up-and-coming cell lines and alternative cell engineering methods.

World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

"Great meeting bringing key commercial (and non-commercial) players together in a rapidly expanding space so that challenges could be addressed early and together for progress in the field.

Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
The New York Stem Cell Foundation

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